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This page is somewhat outdated, though I've also been spending less time on side projects recently. To see a full list of what I've been up to, as well as my code, check out my GitHub.

Kay Kassirer's Website

A professional website for my amazing sibling and internationally acclaimed slam poet.

React, CSS

Check it out live!
Kay's website screenshot

What Privilege?

Learn how our experiences can give us power and privilege with an online interactive app. 1300+ unique users have participated.

Django, SkeletonCSS, jQuery

Why: Inspired by a presentation at the Grace Hopper Celebration 2014. Began as a project for DeltaHacks2015.

To Do: improve content in discussions, allow users to change their answers, custom questions, workshop capabilities

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What Privilege website screenshot

This Website

Share my projects and passions with others.

Google App Engine, Python (webapp2), HTML, CSS, Javascript

To Do: Add open source fonts, fix some HTML/CSS style, make an HTML copy of my resume

My website

Lecture Playback

Record and audio from lectures and play it back at faster speeds to catch up to the professor in real time.

Android (AudioRecord, AudioTrack )

Why: Project for PiazzaHacks 2015. Won second place.

To Do: Increase audio storage size, nice UI

Read about how it works
check it out on GitHub
Screenshot of the app


There are a lot of learning materials to choose from. We narrow it down.

PHP, Mysql, HTML, CSS, Javascript

Why: Project for YCHacks 2014. I mainly worked on backend. This helps solve an overwhelming issue I've faced for a while.

To Do: move to webapp2, increase security and form validation, improve UI and mobile view, look into typeahead.js, add user accounts.

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CodeNext website logo and 'I want to learn' button

Text Format

Accessibility extension to allow low vision users to change the style of the text on a webpage.

HTML, CSS, Javascript

Why: Get better with JavaScript and CSS. Started at an accessibility hackathon with my Google team.

To Do: custom inputs? Moonshot: let the user select any text on the page and change formatting for just that text

Check it out on GitHub!
CodeNext website logo and 'I want to learn' button

Tic Tac Toe

A more challenging and strategy requiring twist on a classic childhood game.

HTML, CSS, Javascript

Why: This was my first Javascript project. In creating this game I explored features including how the DOM and event listners work.

To Do: cross browser support, add ability to play with friends from separate windows.

Check it out live!
tic tac toe game

RSA Implementation

Implemented RSA model learned in algebra class with a functional programming language. Uses number encrypting to encrypt/decrypt strings of any length.

Why: Fun, easy, and awesome.

Check it out on GitHub!
RSA Implementation

Flowers of Hanoi

Towers of Hanoi game implemented with linked list stacks to store the towers. Modes for both computer and user to solve puzzle with up to 9 leaves.

Technologies: C++, Allegro

Why: 12th grade project for Computer Science class.

Check it out on GitHub!
RSA Implementation