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Evy Kassirer

Music Experience

I've been playing the ukulele for around 4 years now, mostly playing simple chord progressions. I love the uke because it's super portable and easy to pick up and accompany myself. I mostly record covers of some of my favourite songs, but I also occasionally write my own songs.
I am currently (while on campus) a student conductor with the Waterloo University Choir, where I lead alto sectional rehearsals and rehearse pieces with the choir. In fall 2016, I conducted Sarah Quartel's Snow Angel.

In 2014-15 I took Mark Vuorinen's two conducting courses at the University of Waterloo. In the summer term of 2016 I co-conducted and organized a chamber choir with a friend. In Winter 2018 I will be doing some self-directed studying conducting with Mark Vuorinen and am excited to dive deeper into this cool field.

Conducting is exciting for me because it combines some of my favourite things: music, pedagogy, and leadership.
I've been singing in choirs since the 6th grade, participating in over 10 ensembles including the Waterloo Waterloo University Choir and Chamber Choir currently, and the Cantiamo Girl's Choir of Ottawa and Ottawa Children's Choir previously.

Choir is always a highlight of my week. When I sing with others, I feel a connection to others that is stronger than I've felt in almost any other situation. My voice resonates in the room, combining with others, and I become part of something really beautiful.
I am part of a group of musicians that improvise with our voices and instruments in various acoustically fun spaces in UWaterloo.
In Fall 2015, I began taking voice lessons with Stephanie Kramer as part of a for-credit studio course at the University of Waterloo. I have now completed three four-month terms of lessons - the maximum allowed to music minors.
I played viola for four years of high school classes, and several ensembles including the University of Waterloo Orchestra, Lisgar (my high school) Senior Orchestra, and Lisgar String Ensemble. I also played in Lisgar's string quartet groups that performed for various events at locations such as Ottawa City Hall and the National Gallery of Canada.

I also took piano lessons for three years, achieving grade 8 RCM.