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Evy Kassirer
picture of myself

Hi! My name is Evy (rhymes with "heavy") and I'm a full-time back-end engineer at Patreon.

I love working on projects that directly help people and promote social change. I do this in many of my nontechnical projects as well as technical ones.

I spend a lot of time doing and thinking about music (especially choral singing), education, leadership, social justice, and writing software.

There's so much I want to do.

I graduated from University of Waterloo's computer science program. Over my degree, I interned with Chrome Accessibility, Youtube Kids, Khan Academy, Socratic, Joyable, and Asana. I learned a lot about internships from these experiences and have written a detailed guide to applying to internships.

Some other recent projects of mine include organizing StarCon (a technical lightning talk conference in Waterloo) and maintaining mathsteps (an open-source algorithm that solves math step by step).

Check out my talk about mathsteps! It's called "Step by Step - Algorithms that teach you math!" and I gave a 10-minute version at !!con and a 40-minute version at Strange Loop.