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Evy Kassirer
picture of myself

Hi! I recently graduated the University of Waterloo's computer science program.

I love working on projects that directly help people and promote social change. I do this in many of my nontechnical projects as well as technical ones.

I spend a lot of time doing and thinking about music (especially choral singing), education, leadership, social justice, and writing software. I am currently organizing StarCon (a technical lightning talk conference in Waterloo) and maintaining mathsteps (an open-source algorithm that solves math step by step).

Some exciting things I've done recently include being an active member of Waterloo's Women in Computer Science committee, student conducting the Waterloo University Choir, running a choir of my own, and writing a guide to applying to internships.

There's so much I want to do.

Over my degree, I interned with Chrome Accessibility, Youtube Kids, Khan Academy, Socratic, Joyable, and Asana.

Next up: Working as a full-time back-end engineer at Patreon starting this fall!